SAPA-SLCP Scientific Congress 2024

SAPA-SLCP Scientific Congress 2024

From 9th – 11th June 2024

Embark on a journey of unity and collaboration with the South Asia Pediatric Association (SAPA), where Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka proudly stand as founding member countries of this august institution.

Event Overview

Welcome to the SAPA-SLCP International Scientific Paediatric Congress 2024, which consists of the 1st Scientific Congress of the South Asia Pediatric Association and the 26th Annual Scientific Congress of the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians, being intertwined to produce an academic extravaganza of dazzling scholastic beauty. Hosted in the vibrant and culturally rich island of Sri Lanka, this event promises an enchanting and enriching experience for all attendees. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Shangri-La Hotel Colombo, located at the heart of the city, this congress would bring together the best minds in paediatric medicine from right across the South Asian region and globally.

Event Dates

Mark your calendars for an exceptional learning and networking experience from 09th to 11th of June 2024. The SAPA-SLCP International Scientific Paediatric Congress is a three-day event dedicated to fostering collaboration and advancing the knowledge of the participants in the field of Paediatrics.

Key Highlights

Scientific Academic Sessions

Immerse yourself in a series of thought-provoking scientific sessions featuring renowned speakers and experts in various paediatric specialties. Explore the latest advancements, research findings, and best practices in pediatric medicine. Gain valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies shaping the future of paediatric healthcare.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers, colleagues, and industry leaders during dedicated networking sessions. Build lasting professional relationships and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals from the South Asian region and beyond.

Cultural Experience

Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka during your visit. Take advantage of the central congress location to discover the rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and diverse attractions that make Sri Lanka a unique destination. All these are just only a drive away.

Please do not miss this opportunity to be a part of a transformative event in paediatric medicine. Join us in Sri Lanka for the SAPA-SLCP Scientific Congress 2024 and contribute to the advancement of paediatric healthcare in the South Asian region and globally.